Complete Financial Planning
Lemon Fundz is a one-stop shop for all your financial planning requirements. We help you identify and determine your life's financial goals, and then develop a plan by which those goals can be achieved. This involves investing smartly now, so that you can reap its benefits at a later stage in life, when you need it. From selecting the right asset class (equity, debt, real-estate, commodities, etc) to choosing the right products within those asset classes (Mutual Funds, Stocks, Bonds, Corporate FDs, real-estate funds, etc), to determining the right time to enter and exit these asset classes, to managing the portfolio at all times - Lemon Fundz helps you along the way to achieving your financial goals.

Home Office
A unique concept being pioneered by Lemon Fundz, wherein a professional from our team will be dedicated to you for all the operational day-to-day needs of your investments, as well as your employees' investments. We would set up a desk at your facility, and this professional would be present there throughout the day to serve yours and your employees' investments' operational needs (such as filling forms/obtaining statements/maintaining records/solving queries/providing information about products, etc).

Complete Online Platform
Lemon Fundz has developed a robust online platform which will help its clients not just to keep track of their investments online, but also to store all their documents online, thereby providing them access to the same anytime, anywhere. No more keeping track of paper trails! Whats more, you get reminders for all the important upcoming events in your calendar, like payment of insurance premiums, due date for SIP payment in Mutual Funds, etc.

For Corporates
Great entrepreneurial ideas need the fuel of long-term capital, for them to take off like a rocket and thereafter for sustainable growth. At Lemon Fundz, we aim to cater to these funding requirements for our corporate clients. We assist you through the process of fund-raising and help you find long-term capital and investors who understand your vision and are willing to back it up with their money.


Service Offerings' Synopsis

Existing Financial Solution Re-structuring
Comprehensive Financial Solution Construction
Monthly Transaction Statements
Online Account Access
Online Tracking of current Financial Solution
Documents-on-Demand (Online Document Management)
Weekly Newsletter
Access to Research Ideas
1-on-1 Financial Solution Discussion Meet AnnualSemi-AnnualQuarterlyMonthly
Updates on Financial Solution Constituents
General Insurance Advice
Year-end Tax Calculation & Planning
Home Office - Onsite Coordinator Part-timeDedicatedDedicated
Institutional Fund-Manager Meetings